The International Lecturers Union

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The International Lecturers Union Brief Story


Upon decision of foundation of the General Union, the Founders faced the problem of the enormous number of gaps in the structure of the professional trade unions.

As always expected, the founders decided to concentrate their activities to the closest achievable unions. Since the majority of the founders are either professors or yet researchers and they all carry out teaching activities, it was natural to start their founding activities by the International Professors Union and the International Researchers Union.

A very close Union was also, considered and decided to be founded in the next phase which is the International Lecturers Union related to university Teachers and Assistants.

A very good start already existed in the USA which is the American Association of University Professors and in Canada which is the Canadian Association of University Teachers, i.e. Lecturers, so the Founders started contacting and negotiating them.

The tendency to focus on the internal affairs and the lack of need to the others were the two disappointing factors which were facing those initial contacts with several individuals of those two particular Associations.

On the other hand, some very optimistic responses were received from many Lecturers, especially those who recently moved to the USA and Canada, so the Founders decided to add the International Lecturers Union to the two above mentioned International Unions and found it simultaneously.

On the official level the administrations of both Associations, have already decided to consider this issue in their next General Assemblies which are expected for both of them by the middle of the next year 2012.

Anyway, regardless of the result of negotiations, the idea of founding a similar union in the USA and Canada has already acquired the basic necessary momentum and by the end of November 2011 in all over the USA was already subscribed more than four thousands Lecturers, whereas at the same time in Canada was already subscribed more than three thousands Lecturers.

The situation in Europe was relatively more difficult, the Founders believe this was a result of the independency character of the European Lecturers in addition to the usual communication problems due to the wide variety of the European languages.

Some very encouraging signs were received from Latin America, e.g. Brazil; from Eastern Asia, e.g. Japan; from Africa, e.g. South Africa; and from the Middle East, e.g. Turkey.

Any interested individuals, groups or already established unions or associations who are interested in representing their countries are more than welcomed, but for organization of our works they are recommended to start their direct contact with the Founder who is related to their area, simply to facilitate communications and to reduce overlap errors and repeated actions.

It is important to state that the targets and services for the International Lecturers Union were initially adopted, yet they are still subjected to additions or modifications.



The Founders:

Sally Christine This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , USA


Sologon Notten , , Netherlands, West Europe


Sunwoong Choi , , Korea, Asia

Arafa Radwan , , Arab, Africa, Asia, East Europe

Karen Espinosa , , Brazil, Latin America

Samy Jimson , , UK, West Europe, Australia

Chisako Hanabusa , , Japan, Asia

Adam Liebeherr , , Canada

The General Union:
The Medical Professions Unions:

The Educational Professions Unions: The International Lecturers Union: